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Alienators as Cult Leaders and your Children as Cult Members – Some Insights

I stumbled across an article by Doni Whitsett and Stephen A. Kent about what can happen to families involved in cults. (A link to the article can be found at the end of this post.) It was written for therapists, … Continue reading

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Bibliography of PA-related Literature

The American website has an impressive bibliography of literature related to parental alienation: . It includes academic and legal material as well material for general audiences, and publications in other languages.

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Fighting Back using the Legal System – Part VIII

11. Inadequate or destructive court orders, continued: Different conditions prevail if your child is severely alienated.  When is your child “severely alienated” ? When your relationship has been disrupted to the point that interaction with you is either non-existent or … Continue reading

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Helpful Article on Controversies around PAS and Parental Alienation in the Legal and Psychotherapeutic Communities

Having your children suffering from alienation is bad enough. Discovering that there is angry and inflammatory discourse about the very existence of parental alienation adds another layer of discouragement! You may be dismayed to learn that there is a cohort … Continue reading

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Useful Reading – A Kidnapped Mind; The Divorce from Hell

A Kidnapped Mind by Pamela Richardson, Dundurn Press, 2006. Available through  Pamela Richardson’s book describes how her ex-husband’s hateful drive to keep their son away from her succeeded, and destroyed their son in the process. The Divorce from Hell by Wendy … Continue reading

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Essential Reading

The first book that I suggest to anyone dealing with alienation is Divorce Poison by Richard Warshak. This is a very thorough primer about what alienation is and is not, with lots of illustrative examples. Warshak writes with the authority … Continue reading

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