years have passed…

A long time has passed since my last post. Three and a half years! That post was part one of two, but before I return to part two I will give you a quick update.

My children are all still severely alienated. I didn’t realize how much I had expected that to change, and consequently how sad I became when it didn’t. Although writing this blog has been very satisfying, especially when commenters expressed that it helped them understand their own situations better, I just kept procrastinating because it was too painful.

I know, and I have repeatedly written, that patience is key, and to not lose hope, and that as long as the alienator has frequent access to your children (or sibling, as the case may be) that it is not realistic to expect them to be able to resist. I knew it, and yet I still let myself nourish those expectations.

I have continued reading about alienation and cult-like relationships and I have continued talking to friends who have experience with alienation, and all I have encountered confirms that only separation from the alienator can stop it. On the positive side, I have repeatedly seen that the alienation can dissolve quite quickly when that happens.

I will write more about what has happened to me in relevant future posts, after getting back to part two of the last one.

If you are moved to do so, please write about any experience you have had with alienation that has ended – your own or a friend’s.

Love to all!



About Claire Brett-Moran

I am an alienated parent; heartbroken about the damage done, angry and frustrated at the injustice, curious and fascinated by the unfolding mystery, eager to help make things better. In order to protect my children I will not post any details about my identity at this time, but you can contact me if you want to know more.
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6 Responses to years have passed…

  1. Diane Davis says:

    Thank you for sharing your story Clair. I have been alienated for 3.5yrs also, from my daughter and grandchildren who live just 5mins away, but I never see them. I had a very special bond with my granddaughter as she and her mother [my D] lived with me, I chose her name and thereafter she was named after me, her middle and last names being my first and surname [my only names]. I was the second person in the world to hold her in my arms. I loved and adored her & she me.
    My daughter met someone and then married. I was at the birth of their son and loved him too. I was very good to them as a family. He lived in my home for 6mths, they then moved into a bungalow, where upon I gave them £5,000. I then organized and paid for their wedding. Shortly after he cut me out, he [stepdad] even changed my granddaughters name to that of his grandmother! His mother [no relation to my GD] would write to me telling me what a wonderful time she is having watching my GD grow up and that she will make sure I never see her again!

    • Hi Diane,

      Thank you for writing. I’m so sorry to hear about what has happened to your family – it’s a nightmare. The alienator’s mother sounds blatantly sadistic, taking pleasure in being cruel to you.
      Hold your head up, enjoy your life, and don’t let them destroy your peace of mind. Your daughter knows that you love her and that you are a good person. They have to work hard to perpetuate their lies, because the truth will inevitably keep pushing back.
      lots of love to you!


  2. Stephanie says:

    tried to leave a comment–left a long one–but whole log in thing did not work in my favor..I have no idea what my password is. In any event, Hang in there–I have a story–but pressed for time will try to reconnect later…..better email address? Thanks for being there when I needed you back when I first realized PA existed and what it was–you were helpful to me then….. Stephanie

  3. Stephanie says:

    ok–just realized how to leave a comment correctly–who knew. My story later–but your website/blog was hugely helpful to me back in the beginning. I am glad you are back at it….

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