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Being positive in your interactions with your alienated children: “attraction rather than promotion”

I came across this in a list of tips for alienated parents from #3 – Positive language, always! Avoid the use of negative language.  This is one parents often overlook.  It’s simple and it’s subtle, that’s why it’s missed.  Sometimes … Continue reading

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Hard Times

My kids have been especially difficult lately. The two youngest, who are teenagers, took and wrecked things of mine, have been defiant, rude, offensive, and demanded apologies from me for “not trusting them” and for ruining their lives to such … Continue reading

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Alienators. What motivates yours?

Alienators. Alienators attempt to cause a child to reject a loving mother or father (and/or other loving relatives).  Anyone who does this is perpetrating abuse. Some alienators know but don’t care that the rejected parent is actually a safe and … Continue reading

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Being or Becoming Healthy and Strong…the Lemonade, Maybe

If you are an alienated parent your number one job is to keep yourself as strong, healthy and happy as possible. Why? For two reasons. First so that you can effectively fight for your child, and second because you deserve a … Continue reading

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