Fighting Back Using the Legal System – Part V

7. The Office of the Children’s Lawyer (OCL), or a guardian ad litem (GAL) in the U.S. You would think this would be a solution, wouldn’t you? But alas, no. Based on experiences of others relayed to me, very often the OCL apparently views its mandate as not so much to advocate for the child’s best interests, but to advocate for the child’s expressed wishes! For you and for your alienated child, this is terrible. The OCL (or GAL) can unwittingly become a tool of the alienating parent.  Working with limited resources, and likely untrained in recognizing alienation, an appointed representative of the OCL may not have the time or ability or motivation to look beneath the surface of your child’s rejection of you to find out why it has happened and consider what the consequences could be.  If you can afford it, a full psychological or psychiatric assessment of both parents by a qualified assessor is more likely to uncover the reality of the alienation and give you the evidence you need. If you cannot afford an assessment or if the involvement of the OCL has been ordered for whatever reason, be aware that they may know nothing about alienation and/or may see their job as representing the child’s wishes no matter what. They may not have much time to speak with you. You will have to present a clear and strong case that your child has rejected you because of pressure from the other parent, and that this is NOT in the child’s best interests either now or for your child’s future health and development. Be sure to stress your child’s rights and not yours. Emphasize that your child’s right to a relationship with both parents (and grandparents, cousins, etc. if relevant) has been compromised.

Here is a link to the website of the Ministry of the Attorney General for Ontario, specifically the page with the criteria for the appointement of the OCL:

About Claire Brett-Moran

I am an alienated parent; heartbroken about the damage done, angry and frustrated at the injustice, curious and fascinated by the unfolding mystery, eager to help make things better. In order to protect my children I will not post any details about my identity at this time, but you can contact me if you want to know more.
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