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Useful Reading – A Kidnapped Mind; The Divorce from Hell

A Kidnapped Mind by Pamela Richardson, Dundurn Press, 2006. Available through  Pamela Richardson’s book describes how her ex-husband’s hateful drive to keep their son away from her succeeded, and destroyed their son in the process. The Divorce from Hell by Wendy … Continue reading

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my story part 2

I fell in love with my (now ex) husband very quickly.  He had his share of problems and resentments, but who doesn’t? He was funny and smart and full of great qualities and I was sure that my love would … Continue reading

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How it feels to be an alienated child

This is a paraphrasing of what a friend of mine told me about her childhood experience of being alienated from one of her parents. I find it very helpful in understanding the hostility of my own children so that I … Continue reading

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My story…I’m interrupting it

I’m finding it very hard to tell my story to you. I’ve told it many many times in the past- to new friends, old friends, acquaintances, to therapists, to lawyers, to the psychiatrist who assessed my family, to other alienated … Continue reading

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